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Due to a death in the family all classes are currently suspended.  Thank you for your understanding and feel free to check back to see our new schedule when it is released. 

Our focus during classes at the Aromatherapy Institute of Colorado is on providing the student with an intensive educational experience in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.   Crystals style is approachable and patient as she puts the learning material in clear, easy to understand terminology.  There is always time for review and you will have all of your questions answered.  Classes are a good mixture of lectures and bookwork, with thought provoking class discussions.  This of course is balanced with fun hands on blending and time with the essential oils.  You leave with beautiful aromatherapy products and of course we always build in time to enjoy the magnificent beauty that surrounds you.

We offer:
Small classes with personal attention to your learning experience

Demonstrations with step by step directions and class participation

Customized manuals with recipes, sources for suppliers, references for books and websites

Discounts on pure authentic essential oils, carrier oils, butters and supplies

Access to video demonstrations and lectures when available

Top notch guest speakers and presenters


Perfumes for Wellness
This Class has been cancelled due to death in the family- thank you for your support
Essential Oil Perfume Making Class - An Introduction 
Sunday February 9th 2014 10:00-2:30

When we hear the word "perfume" we usually think about love, sensuality, passion and seduction.  They have typically be used for the attraction or pleasure of another person.  Although perfumes have been produced for this purpose for many centuries, they have also been used for health and happiness.  What if you used your perfume for your own personal enjoyment and wellbeing?  

In this class we will explore the many other ways to use perfumes.  Would you like to make a perfume for de-stressing?  How about for joy or inspiration?  You can even make a perfume just for nurturing yourself.  Come join me as we learn to take perfume out of the boudoir and into your everyday life.  Of course you can always make a perfume for love as well.

This class is an introduction to the world of natural perfume making
. Essential oil perfumes not only smell amazing, but they also support our well being.  Learn how to utilize essential oils to improve your health while making beautiful, pure, botanical based perfumes.  You can create uplifting perfumes, calming perfumes, sensual perfumes and more.  You will learn how to use "scent notes" to create fantastic blends.  We will also discuss carriers and how they affect the scent of your blend. We will take a look at perfume history, how it scent affects us and where the botanicals come from and the differences between solids, liquids and aerosol perfumes.  We will also compare natural perfumery to synthetic perfumery the pro's and con's. 

In this class you will be making:
~One Solid Perfume
~One Roll-on Perfume
~One Aerosol Perfume
You will leave with a manual that will include all of the recipes from class, blending techniques, carrier information, a suggested book list for self study and a list of all the resources so you can order supplies and begin creating your own blends at home. 

Come join us and create a gift for a friend, a custom cologne for your husband, a calming blend for your children or a sensual blend for your lover - just in time for valentines day. 

Date: Sunday February 9th, 2014
Time 10-2:30
Place: Coal Creek Canyon Location
Cost: $85



FUTURE CLASSES IN 2014 - Schedule Coming
February - Perfume Making
Hydrosol- an introduction to the other aromatherapy
Aromatherapy Salve Making
Aromatherapy Green Cleaning Class
3- Day Product formulating class
Plus many more.....

   Look for on-line classes in 2014!



NEW Starting in 2013 -  an exciting  program called  CREATE A CLASS

I often have students that are unable to attend a class and hate missing out- now you don't have to!  With this new program you can create your own class.  You pick the date, the class or workshop subject and invite family, friends or co-workers.There are three catagories to choose from:

1. CLASS - A class is 2 hours long and involves learning about one subject.  You can pick a specific item you want to make during the class like, a lip balm or a facial serum.  We will look at the ingredients, what they do and how to apply them.  There is a demonstration so you can see how it is made, then you will use essential oils to make your own custom product.

2. WORKSHOP - A workshop is 4.5 hours long and involves learning one subject. You can pick two items you want to make during the workshop, you might pick a theme like a skin care class which includes a cleanser and a moisturizer.  You might learn about the skin, different skin ingredients and how they react, what essential oils help the skin.  There is a demonstration so you can see how the products are made,  and then you will use essential oils to make your own custom products.

3. INTENSIVE - A intensive is a one or two day study.  This is for a more in depth look at a specific subject.  You will learn  the specifics about essential oils and spend more time diving into your chosen subject.  An example of an intensive might be  "The therapeutic use of essential oils" where you study 21 essential oils and there applications.  There will be lectures, worksheet exercises, demonstrations and hands on time to make products.  Intensives are great for the lay person who wants to learn to use essential oils, make products and incorporate them into their lives, as well as the professional who would like to add something new to their practice.  This is a great way to kick start a new career or take your health into your own hands.

With a class or a workshop you will leave with a handout which will include;     
Basic information on essential oils, safety, quality and blending
Information on ingredients, their properties and how to use them
Resource list, where to purchase ingredients
In class discounts on essential oils

With a intensive you will leave with a manual which will include;             

  • Basic information on essential oils, safety, quality and blending
  • Information on ingredients, their properties and how to use them
  • Data sheets on the ingredients when available
  • Essential oil therapeutic action summary guide
  • Chemistry profiles on essential oils (when applicable to class)
  • A Resource list, where to purchase ingredients
  • The recipes and a utensil list
  • Book and journal recommendation 
  • Discounts on essential oils in class
The costs will vary depending on the subject matter and the products you will be making.  Some products and ingredients are more costly so there maybe a additional cost to the class.  Here are the general pricing guidelines:

1. CLASS - will cost between $35 - $55 per person
2. WORKSHOP- will cost between $75 - $100
1 day intensive  will cost between $150-$200  
2-day intensive will cost between $300 and $450 

Idea's for your custom Class, Workshop or Intensive might include;
CLASS - How to make a moisturizing hand balm, lip gloss, lotion, whipped body butter, sugar scrubs, bath salts, lip balms, healing salves, perfumes, facial serum, pain blends, sanitizing hand gel, sunburn spray.
WORKSHOP- Green Cleaning products, Natural Bath & Shower products, Lip products, Skin care line.
INTENSIVE - Therapeutic Uses of Essential oils, Making and using hydrosols, Green Cleaning, Skin Care.
cold and flu remedies, supporting your immune system, practical aromatherapy -using EO's in the home.

As you can see there are many things to choose from.  This is the fun part - you get to decide what you and your group wants to learn and then pick something you want to make in your class - lots of possibilities!

Requirements - A minimum of 6 students required to book a class. Classes are paid for in advance.  Workshops and intensives will have a deposit of at least half the cost to hold the participants spot.  Payments are non-refundable. Your event date will be verified after payment is received from all students.

Discounts- For the organizer of any type of event, if you book 10 students or more you get to take your class for free!  Plus all the students will get 10% off the purchase of essential oils in class that day.
This is a great way to study the subjects you are interested in with people you know and love. If you do not have enough people to fill the class, we can also set your date and open your class to the public to fill the spots.  Think up a subject today and book your class.























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